1997- Two young men, Jon Peirsol & John Young, found a commercial laundry repair and maintenance company calling it J&J Maintenance.

1998- Business is growing rapidly with revenues exceeding $50,000 in machine repair services alone. Seeing this level of growth begins to bring thoughts of taking this from a 2nd job, to a full time career.

2000- John Young decides to move to Utah for other career opportunities and leaves the company.

2001- Jon Peirsol, realizing the demand for Water Softening services, forms J&J Water Conditioning. This is the first step toward the water conditioning industry and Salt Delivery service is quickly added.  Jon Peirsol is realizing the irony in his "part-time" work beginning to be more profitable than his career.

2002- Jon Peirsol risks it all to pursue J&J on a full time basis. J&J Chemical Inc. is incorporated in the state of Idaho and two subsidiaries are formed with J&J Maintenance and J&J Water conditioning.

2003- Listening to customer demand, J&J Chemical Inc. expands into the ware wash industry providing commercial dish machines and industrial chemicals to a rapidly growing customer base. The company partners with CMA Dishmachines and becomes an authorized CMA representative for the sale, rental and leasing of commercial equipment. They also add in a full line of janitorial supplies including paper products, hand soaps, dispensers, and can liners for all industries. With these newly available products, growth is tremendous and we quickly realize that a product warehouse and full-time office staff are needed to meet demand. The initial facilities are leased in Idaho Falls, Idaho and the first three employees are brought on board.

2004- Growth triples in 2004 with sales exceeding half a million dollars. With existing focus being mostly in eastern Idaho, demand warrants expanding into central and western Idaho.  More buildings, more warehouses, and yes, 2 more employees bringing the total to six.

2005- J&J Chemical moves the corporate offices to a larger facility on Sunnyside Road in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Customer demand begins to grow in northern Utah and a new warehouse is added with another employee servicing customer needs for the Utah region.  Demand in Western Idaho  takes us into Eastern and Central Oregon.

2007- The western Idaho product warehouse in Boise is moved to a larger facility in Garden City, Idaho. More employees are added and growth keeps coming.

2008- J&J Chemical gross sales topple the million dollar mark in just 4 years of full time effort. Employee count reaches 8 employees operating in 3 states. The Utah warehouse is moved to larger facility in Salt Lake City to handle regional growth. Jon Peirsol’s risk only six short years ago has turned into a large reward.

2009- J&J Chemical surpass the 2 million gross sales mark and relocates the Corporate Headquarters to downtown Blackfoot, ID, a location better suited to handle the growth in East Idaho. This marks the first building purchased and owned by J&J Chemical Inc. Regional expansion continues to march forward as J&J Chemical also registers and starts business in the Seattle, Washington area.

2010 : J&J Chemical open up Blackfoot location at 50 N Ash in Blackfoot Idaho full time. Mike Stumph is hired on as Western Division district manager. Growth continues to grow for the year.

2011 : J&J Chemical Inc moves to larger Utah facility located in South Salt Lake City which acts as a distribution plant. Mike Stumph oversees Western Idaho and Utah territories.

2012: J&J Chemical Inc see it's 10 straight year of growth and touches into Oregon and Nevada and Wyoming. Bryan Anderson steps down as it's Human Resources Director and Resigns his board position.

2013: J&J Chemical decides to sell its Western Idaho Territory to focus more on Utah Expansion. Mike Stumph is promoted to Utah region manager. J&J closes down and discontinues the J&J Accounting division.

2014: J&J's Western Idaho division is sold off and then reacquired back, then again resold to Idaho Restaurant Supply company. J&J Chemical moves all of its operations to a larger facility in SLC Utah. Later, J&J Chemical is approached about a possible Sale of its Utah division. In Oct 2014 a deal is struck to sell off the Utah division of the company to Serv Clean.

2015. The Utah sale to Serv Clean is stalled in legal issues regarding the transaction. Both parties try to negotiate a smooth transition. J&J Chemical expands it Eastern Idaho operation and oversees Idaho Restaurant Supply in Boise Idaho. J&J expands business into Twin Falls and South Central Idaho.

2016. The transaction of the sale to Serv Clean is settled and finalized and J&J resumes operations in Northern Utah out of its Idaho division. JJ Chemical expands into Wyoming and Montana. JJ Chemical opens is coin op services and commercial laundry divisions.

Today- J&J Chemical continues to stay ahead of the exponential growth experienced every year since its inception. We feel this growth is due to our competitive prices, outstanding customer service, and the “we-care” attitude carried by all of our staff. We currently support a multitude of industries and customers throughout the Northwest, offering a wide variety of professional products and services. (yes we still do water conditioning and CMA dishmachines)

We are continually looking toward the future, adding good jobs to all the wonderful communities we join and growing to service new industries. We support several local charities from Cancer walks to little league teams in each of our regions and look forward to continuing for many more wonderful years.

Thank You